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11/29/2017 – Text field on text field

A form calls for a binary condition based on the engraving options on a particular product. The two options have different maximums for text length, and number of lines. Originally, the form had a free form text box in hopes the user would understand the parameters of the types of merchandise. Now when the user selects which of the two options they want, it will only display the input fields that are correct for that choice. If the option changes, hide the previous input fields and unhide the appropriate ones.

As you can see I separated out the lines that had similar groupings. Engraving lines 1&2 and Dog Tag lines 1&2 are the text input fields literately sitting on top of each other on the form, making them a very unwieldy design element.

Lastly, you have to build in that logic defying if/then/A SUDDEN THIRD THING OCCURS SOMEHOW.

How do you un-check a radio button? Apparently, you would actually have to change some code on the website; http://micahjon.com/2013/how-to-deselect-radio-buttons-on-web-forms/. Yikes!

EDIT: Yep, I see the top option under the ‘catch-all’ is incorrect. It should hide the fields in the first parameter.

11/28/2017 – Toast

Welp… the form work is going, however, I’m 40 minutes into screen capturing, and it’s really not performing very well.  Within the gui, the ability to create a simple box shape with a mouse isn’t there.  SO!  I will post a non branded iteration of it once completed.  Back to work!

EDIT:  So, I got to about here;