About Me

I’m a Xennial (1979) from the St. Paul, Minnesota area who has interests in most things technology. It had been pointed out to me that I’m usually the one without a smartphone out, and I’ll wear that as a badge of honor!

I’m usually the most caffeinated person in the room. My typical coffee habit at the time of this writing is 2x 5xshot Iced Espressos (Americanos) & a 3xshot large iced latte, totaling 1,260mg of caffeine daily. So I laugh at your “energy” drinks. Hah!

The website uforik.net has existed in some form or fashion in a previous iteration as ‘Metallic Underground‘, since way back when geocities was new.

Apparently I have the rarest personality type, which is an INFJ (only shared with 1.5% of the populous).