2017.09.14 – CopicCompare v.02

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This spreadsheet will allow you to track which Copic Markers you have and which sets they exist in. This is so you can maximize your color options picking out sets, as Copic markers are very expensive.

It’s still a work in progress. I plan on adding hex equivalents to what they have listed on the Blicks website (though that’s not an accurate color representation).

2017.07.04 – Hungry Eaters Checklist & Tracker

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 Hungry Eaters is a game that would be what happens when you take an old game like snake/tapeworm and hit it with a crossy roads hammer (Crossy Roads is a modern yet retro frogger clone).  That is actually a compliment because I liked the style of crossy road very much.

I wanted to track how much left I had to go before all of the characters were unlocked, and then when their skills were unlocked.  So, I quickly went through all of the characters and notes what level they were at and what skills they still had to get paired with how much it could cost in total.

The achievement screen says 100 unlockable characters, but… I’m not finding that many.  If I get more info, I’ll update it.