Excel Hobonichi

Project: Excel Hobonichi
Expected release date: mid-2018.
Type: Download for Excel 2016, Excel 365

The Excel Hobonichi is a project as a fan of the Hobonichi Planner and Microsoft Excel. Now, I know, there is a certain satisfaction to carrying around a thick planner, in a nice cover, and use it often enough so the ends get frayed, and the book gets thicker, etc. I agree. I already spend most of my day with Excel open. This is an attempt to see if I can get the best of both worlds; The layout and simplification of the hobonichi planner, in a powerful spreadsheet format.

Excel Hobonichi
A planner/journal for Microsoft Excel
Daily Pages; links to index page, forward and back to next/previous day pages.
Merged cells and a pattern background = Boom, ya got washi tape!
Bullet Journal Pages. Conditional Formatting & Unicode characters
Blank Pages