11/27/2017 – …and it looks like rain?

So, this one I’ll have to come back to edit, as not to be a sole excuse for the post existing in the first place.  Have you ever have an evening like this?  You’re excited to start a new project, and you spend a good three hours getting your environment ready to be the most perfect productive environment… all to run out of time, or be overcome by tiredness.

There is a form project that I would like to get a head start on.  It needs clip art.  I figured it would be a perfect time to do a photoshop/perfectforms screencast combo.  Went through supposed non-copyrighted background music to no avail.  Setup a information screen explaining what the video was about.  Re-configure the screen capture software.  Create a folder structure for work print files and open programs, saving something into them, and exiting the program, so that when I am recording it should go back to the correct path right away.

It’s almost 9:00pm now, and I’m down to four smokes.  🙁   Project tabled for the evening? 

EDIT: Sadly, project was pushed back.  Will start fresh tomorrow.