11/25/2017 – Black Friday Meh.

There was not a single sale on anything I would purchase for myself, nor anyone else as a gift.

Even if I had, discounts on already reasonably priced merchandise was non existent, but there did seem to be a few manufacture based discounts for older models of items they are trying to clear out. As a loss leader, once your are out of stock for the specific channel — the problem seemingly solves itself but it does leave you with many angry unfulfilled customers.

The flip-side to the later is to have such a low quantity of item available, its own exclusivity can drive up the costs. If it’s unreasonable to hike up the price point further, you can bundle it with accessories & add-ons at higher prices than if everything was purchased individually. Create a slight variant of the product and slap on a ‘collectors edition’ or ‘exclusive’ label on it and charge even more.

I had not experienced having this Friday away from work since before I can recall, so as I spent the early morning hours trying to see if I could find a deal on anything I was planning on purchasing.  I grew increasingly disappointed as the morning went on.  I am really confused to what people are waiting in lines for days in advance for (even bypassing a holiday at that).

11/25/2017 – Hello (again) World

I figured that I might just spend some time on here today. Time well spent so far! I cleared out some stuff that wasn’t linked anywhere, changed the front page again (I’ll have a lot more to add to this later), and setup a few new areas that I might actually have some content for soon. So, yay!