03/18/2018 – Watercolor Script

One thing that I have never played around with was watercolor textures. Also, there seems to be a whole set of ‘crafty’ type script fonts that are apparently all the rage. Without too much know how going into it, I created three things quick;

I had an ah-ha moment after watching a few videos.

Then started getting all daring. Tabling this for the time being.

12/16/2017 –

The Starbound Server is back up and going!

I have one request, if you plan on digging up the terrain much or building a base, please do so on a planet without the gate (Any potential new player planet) on it, as intro resources are typically pretty hard to come by if several players have already trashed everything. If you know me personally, certainly request admin irl and you can go full creative via /spawnitem commands (again, just go off starter planets first).

12/05/2017 – RL, sorry.

Had a good string of posts of variable /questionable content quality. Sorry it stopped. RL was keeping me down.

“Fiscal Monthend” is not a good term for those who do some dabbling is business analytics, especially in retail at this time of year.

Got a flat tire on Monday.

Also more Twin Peaks memorabilia has arrived. Not going to put it on an actual key chain, going to store it next to my Dale Cooper(s) FunkoPop’s (as I have heard the letters can wear off over time).

12/06/2017 – Working on color spreadsheet.

I spent a bit of time on the Copic spreadsheet tonight. I think the venn diagram of who would be interested in those two completely different sets of information would be very small, but I’ll put it back up again soon once I’m done putting in the RGB/HSL codes for each color.

Spruced up the about tab tho! 😛

Then also the Copic sets

Hopefully soon! Just tedious work now.