2019.05.09 – Photoshop n’ Chill (Candy Flavors)

5/2/2019 – Weather: 45℉, cloudy and damp,
5/9/2019 – Weather: 43℉, cloudy and was good for a day or two though!
♫ Listening: Progressive House · Relaxing Focus Music · 24/7 Live Radio

I asked facebook friends to give me the names of flavors of candy, to see what I could create in 20-40 minutes. I’m going to start the Green Apple one over the next session, but this is what I ended up with.

1. Fran – Coconut/Caramel

2. Alaina – Peach

3. Ginny – Caramel/White Chocolate

4. Sarah – Green Apple

5. Randy (me!) – Cotton Candy

Update 2019.05.09

6. Update to Sarah’s – Green Apple

7.1. Lori – Cinnamon (spice?)

7.1. Lori – Cinnamon (red hots?)

2019.04.04 – I guess I’ll blog some stuff

Weather: 38℉, cloudy and damp,
♫ Listening: Rainy Days: A Liquid DnB session (there are several of them),
Watching: Twitch – Pokemon Marathon (Thr-Sun through 5/5/19), Critical Role (Thr @ 9:00PM CT)
Pokemon: Shiny Murkrow ⑭⑭⓪ , Regirock ⑭⑫⑮.

I’ve been patiently waiting for the snow to stop, and now that it has, I still feel like I’m trapped from a now non-existent freezing jail.  I mean, I have left the house, and have gone out a little bit, but I just feel different. Seems melodramatic, but it passes.

It’s Thursday, and… sorta raining!  Not much, but I’d take anything over the aforementioned ice particlease.

Recent events.  There was a The Pixies/Weezer concert at Xcel, more bucketlist bands checked off.  Specifically The Pixies, as they have had ties to Nirvana.  I never got to see Nirvana.  “Where is My Mind”, “Here Comes Your Man”, and “Gigantic” were awesome to see performed live.  Weezer was nothing short of phenomenal, despite the whole idea of going to a concert originally seemed more like a ‘sure, why not!  Weezers pretty cool’ stance, they put on a hell of a good show.  Heading out from the restroom, they started playing the Happy Days theme song over the speakers and new I had to get back to my seat (nice queue, ‘hey!  show is starting in a minute or two here!!’).

There were seats, but no sitting.  :/  However, pyrotechnics in Xcel was pretty damned cool!  20 rows back, you could feel the heat from the stage.  One only begins to wonder if this is the show where someone is standing in the wrong place.

Deadmau5 tickets were acquired for his 2019 tour, he’s back at the Armory on 12/3/2019.  I’m hopeful that THIS time around, the people around my immediate vicinity will be a little less shitty.