Nine Inch Nails – Less Than

Nine Inch Nails – Less Than

There is a story to the game she is playing, “Polybius”.

Gamers who tried it couldn’t stop playing, and began acting oddly: they were nauseous, stressed, had horrific nightmares. Others had seizures or attempted suicide, many felt unable to control their own thoughts. It was only later that they recalled how Polybius was serviced more often than other games. Men in black suits opened the machine every week, recorded its data, and left, with no interest in its coins. Soon after it appeared, the mysterious arcade game vanished without warning—taken by the men in black suits, leaving no record of its existence.

Cera Brando

Wally “Brando” Brennan:  “I was in the area, and wanted to pay my respects.”
Frank Truman: “Thank you Wally.”

Micheal Cera in Twin Peaks is really weird to me. Like, I love Scott Pilgrim, and while I have watched little of Arrested Development, it seems great. I even own Juno on DVD. Put an odd character with odd dialog in an odd show, and every other time, it’s fine. I have no idea what bugs me so much about his scene in part 4. *Shrug*